Accelerated Learning Laboratory
School Information

Accelerated Learning Laboratory (ALL) provides educational choice to families interested in a college preparatory education and advanced “gifted level” instruction. Many students gain cognitive and social skills suggestive of prodigies. Never-the-less, they remain physically active, fun loving children. Our K-12 school offers a comprehensive state approved curriculum, is publicly funded and chartered through the State Board for Charter Schools. Applications are currently being accepted for grades K-8 and preschool. There is no tuition charge to attend K-12. Our private preschool is fee based and accepts children ages 3, 4, and 5. Students who are academically advanced can simultaneously earn college and secondary school credit by participating in programs including off campus Concurrent College Enrollment, Dual College Enrollment, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Participation in these programs is required of students 9th grade and above. Foreign language instruction, including Turkish, Mandarin Chinese, or Spanish is provided K-12. Students may elect to participate in our foreign student exchange program with China. Additional opportunities and activities include tai chi, after dark star gazing, school camp-in, Lake Powell Houseboat field trip, Grand Canyon field trip, Rock Hounding field trips, San Diego Zoo and Science Museum field trips, Pacific Ocean field trip and Zion Canyon field trip. The Teaching practices of ALL are supported by current research findings on human learning and motivation. The school’s curricular design ensures knowledge retention and comprehension by linking new content to previously learned content; and promotes the development of creative potential, reasoning ability, logical analysis skills and problem solving strategies while knowledge is accumulated. Our highly skilled teachers help students build a strong academic foundation. Teachers receive extensive professional development training in scientifically based instruction. Only teachers who demonstrate exceptional ability are retained. Accelerated has integrated into its teaching methodology research findings which underscore the importance of exposing children to abstract thought; of developing intellectual and cultural competencies as an integrated part of instruction; of learner centered pedagogy; and of providing a challenging and rigorous learning environment which is free from risk, harassment, or alienation. The school complex includes several playgrounds; a large basketball court, two swimming pools (including a competition size pool); tennis tables; two baseball fields; a large soccer field; covered shade areas; three well equipped computer labs, a visual arts studio and two science laboratories. Although physical education, and performing and visual arts programs are provided, the school emphasizes mathematics, science, and language arts. The school’s social ambiance is enthusiastically cerebral. Students who are studious and serious about their academic future, benefit most from our program. Close to perfect attendance and on-time behavior is mandatory. Please contact the school for more information.