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Although ALL’s enrollment is open to all students,
Student Accolades:
  • On December 2nd, 2013, several ALL students took the 2nd annual Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK). Click here for more details.
  • Congratulations to ALL student Jose Gonzalez for winning 3rd Prize in the 6th annual Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition. Click here for more details.
  • ALL student Jose Gonzalez was recently interviewed by AZPM Local News.
  • Graduate Matine Yuksel’s research was recently profiled on the Princeton Website.
  • Congratulations to ALL student Jose Gonzalez for winning First Place in the preliminary contest of the 6th annual Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for southern California. Click here for more details.
  • Congratulations to ALL graduate Trey Todnem, the Arizona State AP Scholar for 2010 AND 2011. Few students receive this honor for two consecutive years!
  • Trey set up school computers to discover a new radio Pulsar.
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After ALL: Congratulations to ALL graduates Leanne, Brianna, May, Hillary, Mary, Timmy, Trey, Sandra, Jerry, Ryan, Crystal, Matine, Monica, Storm, Sherlock, Derek, Maggie, Ashley, Boston, Charolette, Cymon, Estefania, Jeffrey, Jose, Kittipong, Victoria, and Wyatt for earning offers for admission from Amherst, Bard, Boston College, Brown, Case Western Reserve, Columbia, Dartmouth, Duke, Fordham, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Knox College, Lake Forest College, MIT, NMT, NYU, Northeastern, Notre Dame, Penn, Penn State, Princeton, Purdue, RIT, Stanford University, Syracuse, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UCLA, USC, UW, University of Arizona, University of Denver, University of Illinois, University of San Diego, University of Virginia, University of Washington, Virginia Tech, Wellesley, Williams, Williams & Mary, and Wisconsin-Madison.
Mission: The Accelerated Elementary and Secondary Schools community will demonstrate that children exhibit gifted level performance when a comprehensive curriculum is coupled with pedagogy based on scientifically sound theories of human learning. Our educational model will demonstrate that curricular design and instructional practices are the predominant factors influencing academic performance, rather than ethnicity, social status, economic privilege, or gender. We embrace the tenet that all children exhibit brilliance when their innate talents are nurtured in a challenging, supportive, and civil environment. AESS shall introduce a 21st Century educational model in which student performance exceeds all previous outcomes.
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